I have just realised that it is not possible to comment on items in the Miscellania section (abbreviations, appendix, terminology etc). This is a pity and should perhaps be changed in the next iteration. Meanwhile (as a note to myself) the Abbreviations list should include BYOD (bring your own device) and possibly (although this is … Continued »

Ready for action


The last piece of the jigsaw is now in place: you can order a printed copy from the button on the Book page.  I’m sure that the odd minor error still remains, but readers can point these out using the comment facility. I will be adding my own comments over the coming months but yours … Continued »

Chapter 6 is now up


I have mounted the remaining sections of Chapter 6. These all seem to work except for the “Read on ..” link at the end of each section. You can still use the Next and Previous section buttons. I will (temporarily?) remove the “Read on” text from this Chapter.

Not quite there


At the moment sections 6.2 to 6.10 are missing from the text. We will fix this as soon as we can.

Winter update


We are getting there!  As from today the new web site is live under the old URL (  A bit of Chapter 6 is still missing, and you cannot yet click through to produce a printed version, but otherwise it all seems to work.  I have chosen an on-line print-on-demand publisher (ePubli) and will be … Continued »

Summer update


I have now added many comments into the text (thanks to those of you who contributed) and (thanks to John Connor) almost completed the cross-referencing. The text is now essentially complete as a “second edition”, and all that remains – for this iteration – is to check that all the links are current and alive.  It is not … Continued »

New version of the blog/book


We have transferred all the content to this new version of the blog/book, which allows comments at the level of each paragraph, page or chapter.  Soon I will begin to incorporate comments into the substantive text and thus establish the updated content for the second edition.  We are now able to export the whole content … Continued »

Learn about this book/blog


I spoke about my experiences creating this blog and using it to produce a second edition of the the book at the 6th International Materials Education Symposium in Cambridge on 10th April.  You can find the programme at

Happy New Year to all readers


The target for 2014 is to assemble a “second edition” by Easter.  Your comments will help me ensure that this is both up to date, and reflects the best current thinking about educating engineers.  Please read any section which appeals to you and add a comment.  Thank you.



I noticed an email from McGraw Hill today extolling their “Tegrity” lecture capture system.  Does anyone have useful experience with this system, or Camtasia, or any similar system?