6.9 Getting promoted

Promotion is important for the individual and for the institution. It gives you a reward for your commitment and effort, and it allows the institution to encourage helpful behaviour. The criteria for promotion, whether written or unwritten, are set by the employing HEI. Cases based on excellent contributions to teaching tend to be difficult to make compared to research cases, where the two proxies of grant income and refereed publications are readily available. However there are a number of ways in which a teacher can demonstrate his or her impact at national or international level, as would be expected of a researcher. Evidence should refer primarily to activity and recognition which goes beyond the candidate’s employing institution. Among these are:


  • In education journals (J Eng Ed; Engineering Education; EJEE; IJEE; J Mats Ed etc);
  • In conference publications (there are many conferences on Engineering Education) organised by ASEE, SEFI, the HEA for example;
  • Textbooks authored;
  • Educational software, web sites or apps written, with evidence of use elsewhere.

Invitations to speak

  • Seminars and workshops at other institutions;
  • Keynote and plenary presentations at conferences;
  • At HEA events;
  • At events within your own institution.

Prizes and awards

  • From professional bodies;
  • National Teaching Fellowship (in the UK);
  • Internal teaching awards.

Professional recognition

  • Fellow or Senior Fellow of the HEA.


  • Educational research grants;
  • Major awards such as CETLs (Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) and other initiatives as they come along;
  • Small grants from e.g. HEA or professional bodies.

Leadership and managerial experience

  • Directorship of L&T at School, Faculty or University level;
  • Programme Director positions;
  • Professional body Accreditation Panel membership;
  • External Examinerships (see 6c for a further discussion);
  • Internal leadership of accreditation bids;
  • QAA Assessor or similar experience;
  • Specific role(s) within Education units.

There is a very thoughtful and comprehensive guide to the evidence you might collect when making a case for promotion on the University of Wollongong web site at http://focusonteaching.uow.edu.au/evidenceforpromotion/index.html


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