1.1 Engineering education

A question: What is engineering? What differentiates an engineer from a scientist?

There are many reasons for encouraging people to learn about engineering, and therefore there is no unique meaning for the phrase ‘Engineering Education’. In this chapter some of the main motives for teaching engineering will be explored. The remainder of the book will tend to focus on just one of the implied tasks – the preparation of students for a career as a practising professional engineer. However, many of the techniques which will be discussed are applicable whatever the intended outcome for the student. Notice that already a piece of educational jargon has almost crept in: The phrase ‘learning outcome’ will be defined in Chapter 2.


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  1. Peter Goodhew

    This is a sample comment.

  2. Charlie Jensen

    I am not sure where it should go, but a list of the key skills might be useful. Also, an emphasis on problem solving and collaboration could/should come through loud and clear.

  3. Zacarias Chamberlain

    Reading your on line book, what to see the changes from the 2010 version. I used your book in several lectures in Universities of Brazil, I’m member of the Brazilian Engineering Education Association and was the editor of the Journal of the referred association, now only member of the editorial.

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  5. Zacarias Chamberlain

    Reading the book


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