Intro: Chapter 2

Some educational background

What you might take away from this chapter:

The realisation that other academics have been thinking about how to educate engineers, and what is important for the graduate, for many years. We can learn a lot from work published in English in the UK, the USA and Australia and even from a novel;

The recognition that there are a small number of really significant ways of thinking about learning and teaching. Among these are constructive alignment and learning outcomes, and the difference between surface and deep learning;

The reassurance that there is a lot of support out there, ranging from books (several of which are quite sensibly written and easy to read), to people (for instance in the CDIO network) and of course your own colleagues.

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  1. Peter Goodhew

    .. and we are trying to improve the Education pages of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s web site, to provide a useful resource for those interested in engineering education. Eventualy we aspire to make this the obvious go-to site for engineering teachers.


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