1.3 degree titles

In the UK, the USA and education systems based on these two models, engineering education is usually focused on generic skills and understanding which can be applied in a range of employment environments. This is reflected in degree titles such as Mechanical Engineering rather than product-specific titles such as Tractor Engineering which used to prevail in (for example) Soviet societies [e.g. Tractor Engineering at Moscow State Technical University, or the Department of Road-Building Machines at Belgorod State Technical Academy of Building Materials]. However, recent instances of skill shortages in key industries have led to the development of a small number of dedicated programmes such as railway engineering and motorsport engineering.


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  1. Peter Goodhew

    We may soon see degree titles such as “Liberal Engineering” (analogous to Liberal Arts degrees). Keep track, for instance, of NMiTE at nmite.org.uk

  2. Zacarias chamberlain


  3. Dennis Wong

    Thanks for sharing your views and insights through this book. It is very useful for young engineering educators and I reckon it (the book) deserves more global exposure.


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