Chapter: Chapter 7

7.3 How to change: Universities


There are many ways in which ‘legacy’ university systems are ill-suited to support modern engineering education. While it has proved difficult to change many of these (not helped by conservatism from professional bodies involved in accreditation) a first step is to identify aspects of our current systems which do not match our educational aspirations. My … Continued »

7.2: How to change: staff


Academic staff are, in the main, extremely conservative. Teaching is also regarded by many of them as a ‘private’ activity. I have touched on many of the reasons for this lack of enthusiasm for change in earlier chapters. They stem from: the low status of teaching compared to research in many institutions, leading to; disproportionately few … Continued »

7.1 How to change: students


It is widely appreciated that anyone proposing a change to the status quo ante is first regarded as mad then, if he persists, as bad – with intent to destroy all that is finest about current activity. Finally, when the innovation has been incorporated successfully, the innovator’s status declines to someone who merely stated the … Continued »

Introduction: Chapter 7


How to change What you might take away from this chapter: Students can be persuaded to behave in educationally useful ways if you expect this of them at an early stage; Staff need encouragement from middle and senior management to give serious thought to teaching; There are many examples of University systems which are not … Continued »