I have learned from so many colleagues at the Universities where I have taught (principally Surrey and Liverpool) and within the Higher Education Academy and its UK Centre for Materials Education. It is difficult to single out individuals, but I must give a special acknowledgement to Tim Bullough (for his wisdom and commitment), Adam Mannis (for critical analysis and for introducing me to CDIO), Caroline Baillie (for making me think about learning), Gwen Goodhew (for supporting the writing process and telling me frequently that it’s all been done in schools about twenty years ago), Matt Murphy (for being prepared to argue about anything and everything), Richard Dodds (for an objective critique), Sue Doyle (for encouragement, layout and editorial advice), Clive Ferguson, Jack Lohmann, Ruth Graham and Rachel Segal (for encouragement) and, more recently, Oliver Broadbent and Ed McCann for encouraging this blog effort.