There are many alternative terminologies in use around the world. In this book I will as far as possible adopt the conventions current in the UK:  A discrete credit-bearing element of teaching, often with an associated examination or other assessment, will be called a module. In other countries this might be known as a course, a class or a unit. A coherent set of taught elements (usually modules) which leads to a qualification such as a degree, will be known as a programme. Programmes which lead to a first degree such as BEng, BSc or BS will be called undergraduate programmes while those which involve teaching beyond first graduation (such as MScs) will be called postgraduate taught (pgt) programmes. The terminologically anomalous UK degrees MEng, MSci and their equivalents are known as ‘integrated masters’ degrees and usually combine, within a 4-year programme, a first degree and a taught Masters degree. They are often treated as undergraduate degrees.

The organisational grouping within which taught programmes are delivered might be called a Department or a School, or occasionally a Faculty, Division or College. I will generally use the single word School to mean any of these.