New forms of assessment


Increasingly our engineering students are “taught” in large classes, and they also have ready access (often at their seat, via smartphone or tablet) to a plethora of information.  Should either or both of these factors change our attitude to assessment?  What assessment techniques are both desirable and feasible in 2014?

Student competitions


Many Engineering Departments support Formula Student teams, sometimes associated with credit-bearing projects and sometimes independently of credit and the curriculum.  However I am aware that there are many other competitive activities available at local, national and international level.  How important is it that engineering students should be involved in a competitive activity?  Can you give … Continued »

Are MOOCs suitable for engineering?


Most major universities are now experimenting with MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses).  Are these going to be widely used in Engineering?  If so, for what specific purposes?  Presumably the community will not be able to provide any hands-on experience using a MOOC, but what about Design?  And if we have Design MOOCs, how will we … Continued »


It’s more than application of maths and science skills


I have been reflecting on the point made in section 1.4 about engineering being more than the application of science and maths skills. It would be interesting to make the comparison with courses in industrial design or product design, which are both subjects concerned with how an objective can be realised and delivered, but which don’t at all … Continued »

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Organising the static content in chapter one


Having re-read chapter one in the original publication and the content published so far on the blog, I think we could afford to break the content up into fewer, longer sections. I propose the following sub-sections: Introduction Four motives for providing an education in engineering What are the attributes of a graduate? The changing nature … Continued »


Tags etc 2


… although the search facility (which does work on pages) does some of the job.

Tags and categories


I have just discovered that WordPress does not allow the tagging or categorising of a page, only posts. This will make it much harder to sort/sift the whole content.  I wonder if there is a widget or plug-in to do this?