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… although the search facility (which does work on pages) does some of the job.

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  1. Oliver Broadbent

    I was just thinking about the same issue. I think it depends on how the discussion starts to emerge, and how we want to gather content. Yes the search function is certainly powerful.

    Just to recap, how I originally saw this concept working was that all of the static content would be posted as pages and sub pages. For each page there would be a corresponding category. For each sub category a corresponding sub category. The static content would be accessible from a file tree to the side, or from menu buttons at the top.

    The posts would be for discussion of various aspects of engineering teaching. If the subject of a post is relevant to say chapters 7.1 and 7.3, then it the post would be given these two categories. Readers, having just read a chapter, can quickly access can pull up and posts relating to that chapter. What this does not allow is tagging of the static content, simply because pages don’t allow tagging, which is the issue to which you allude.

    I propose the following work around. The issue can be resolved if just do everything with posts. We would define two types of post: ‘book content’; and ‘discussion’. We could still use a side menu to display a file tree with all the static content. We just do this by manual linking.
    We can then use categories in the same way as above, to link material by chapter name. But we can then use tags to link more specific ideas.

    My solution throws up an immediate potential issue, that all content, be it static or discussion, would initially appear in the news feed. This could easily be resolved by a programmer when we secure funding. In the meantime, we can just back date the book content posts so that appear a long way down the news feed. Or we could just leave it, and see if it is confusing or not.

  2. Oliver Broadbent

    Having said all that, there is a plugin that allows you to add tags and categories to pages. Problem solved. I’ll see if I can install it.

  3. Oliver Broadbent

    This post shows how you can add tags to pages. On further investigation it appears you can’t add this plugin to the WordPress.com-hosted blog. It does work if you self-host. If this tagging issue turns out to be important, we can investigate switching to self-hosting.


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